Scorpions’ Mikkey Dee Reveals That He Had Covid-19


Scorpions‘ drummer Mikkey Dee revealed that he had coronavirus back in March. He made the statement to clear up some facts after his friend Don Dokken had talked about it in an interview.

Dokken had said that he talked to Mikkey Dee and that he and his wife got COVID in Australia. He went on to say that “he had lost 35 pounds and was in the hospital and sick as a dog.”

After the news started to get picked up, Dee posted on Instagram the exact account of what happened to him earlier this year. He explained, “I just want to set some rumors straight regarding Don Dokken's statement about my Corona situation. I did get Corona and was sick for about 1 month. I am now fully recovered since mid-April.”

He also said, “My good friend Don got some info wrong. I did not get Corona in Australia, the virus was contracted in Sweden. I did not lose 35 pounds, I lost 15 pounds.”

Scorpions have been making good use of their pandemic downtime, they've been recording new music to be released next year.