Quick Takes: Rush, The Beatles, Neil Young, Linda Ronstadt, Billy Joel

  • During a chat with Ultimate-Guitar.com, Rush guitarist Alex Lifeson stated that had late-drummer Neil Peart not fallen ill, the band very well might still be touring: "We could have continued touring. If we had the strength, we could have continued touring. I think we were playing great. The last tour, I thought we played really, really well. I thought the show looked fantastic, and you could argue that that's the best way to go out. . . Unlike some artists who end up in a chair on a stage singing. I would never, ever, ever want to be like that. For what purpose? Is it money? Is it some egotistical drive? Get over it. Get over yourself. Y'know, it's just, I don't know. . . I'm just not like that." (Ultimate-Guitar.com)


  • The Beatles took home yet another prize this weekend when Disney+'s The Beatles: Get Back scored a prestigious 2022 PGA Award. The award for Outstanding Producer of Non-fiction Television went to the project's producers: Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono Lennon, Olivia Harrison, Peter Jackson, Clare Olssen, Jonathan Clyde, Jeff Jones, and Ken Kamins. (Variety)


  • Neil Young will commemorate his mid-1980's period on April 29th with the Official Release Series Volume 4 (ORS Vol 4) box set. The collection, which will be released on vinyl and CD via Reprise Records, features his folk-based 1980 Hawks & Doves collection, 1981's Crazy Horse teamup Reactor, 1988's blues-infused This Note's For You — and an EP of outtakes titled Eldorado, featuring the songs "Cocaine Eyes," "Don’t Cry," "Heavy Love," "On Broadway," and "Eldorado." (Jambase.com)


  • Linda Ronstadt will be honored by her hometown of Tucson, Arizona with The Tucson Music Hall set to be renamed in her honor. The venue will be officially renamed on May 7th with Ronstadt in attendance, during the International Mariachi Conference Espectacular Concert. Ronstadt said in a statement, "I am fortunate to be a member of a large musical family that has been associated with the City of Tucson since the 1800's. My entire career was informed and nurtured by the music we made as I was growing up here." (AZCentral.com)
    • Ronsatdt will publish her latest new memoir on October 4th, titled Feels Like Home: A Song For The Sonoran Borderlands. The book "seamlessly braids together Ronstadt’s recollections of people and their passions in a region little understood in the rest of the United States. This road trip through the desert, written in collaboration with former New York Times writer Lawrence Downes and illustrated throughout with beautiful photographs by Bill Steen, features recipes for traditional Sonoran dishes and a bevy of revelations for Ronstadt’s admirers." (Best Classic Bands)


  • Billy Joel has just announced his 83rd monthly residency show at New York's Madison Square Garden. The "Piano Man" now has September 9th booked with tickets going on sale to the general public on Friday, March 25th (Press release)