Paul Rudd recently told Rolling Stone about an encounter with Neil Diamond during his DJ days.

The Ant-Man star said that he was performing at a woman’s 40th birthday party, at which the “Sweet Caroline” singer was a guest. Diamond and the woman danced to his hit “September Morn” and then Rudd went around to each table to see how everyone was doing.

The actor recalled, “Neil Diamond was sitting by himself at this table and I said, 'Hello, Mr. Diamond, are you having fun tonight?' And he said, 'I am.' And then I asked him very seriously, 'That’s good. But more importantly, are you Wanging Chung tonight?'

“And he looked at me, and he was even more serious, and he said, 'Well, I try and Wang Chung every night.'”

Rudd claims there “was an understanding” on his part of “how badass” Diamond is.