New Reading Program, Board Achievements, and Future Plans Unveiled


A new reading program is on the way to Dade County Schools.

Chris Davis, the Director of Academics/Testing for Dade County Schools, presented a contract for training and supplies to the Dade County Board of Education during their January meeting. Davis spoke about the importance of having a system-wide reading program which teaching foundational and basic skills the same way by every K-3 elementary teacher. Davis and the  Literacy Team have selected a program using Orton Gillingham’s approach.

The Institute for Multi-Sensory Education (IMSE) was chosen to provide Orton Gillingham (OG) Certification to 30 teachers. The Institute would send trainers to the school system and with teachers spending the last four days of school in 30 hours of training. The thirty teachers would include alternates who would be able to take the place of any teachers with OG certification who retired or ended up no longer with the school system. Any new hires without the certification could be offered online training through IMSE. The program is geared toward K-2, but 3rd grade teachers are being included because of a high number of third graders who are not reading proficiently.  Any 4th or 5th grade students who are struggling with any of the fundamentals of reading can be pulled out to work with one of the OG trained teachers to acquire what they need to improve their reading.

The school system has twelve teachers are already trained in OG. Davis said they have seen a significant difference in students who learn with the OG trained teachers and then seem to struggle when they end up with a non- OG trained teacher. Principals said teachers have been able to observe the OG trained teachers and how they work with students and are excited to have the same training. Davis said they surveyed the teachers and they were the ones who requested In School training to be done before next year. An agreement with IMSE to provide OG Certification training for 30 teachers at a cost of $42,250 also includes any manipulatives and supplies with the OG program teachers will need for use in their classrooms. The funding for training will be coming from Federal Funds.  The agreement was unanimously approved by the school board. You can find more information on the program at

The Dade County Board of Education was awarded Exemplary Board status while all four schools received their Cognia accreditation, Superintendent Josh Ingle announced. This is the board’s 5th or 6th year in a row achieving Exemplary status.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) has gone out for the construction of new classrooms at Davis Elementary School. Ingle said the RFP is on the school website, the state website, and in the local newspaper. All contractors wishing to bid must attend a scheduled meeting and bids are to be in by the 14th. In posting the bid request to the state website, the bid automatically gets emailed to over 350 state certified contractors.

Retired General Bob Woods spoke to the school board on behalf of the American Legion. Woods said the American Legion had spent the last year and a half renovating the museum and it was open for viewing once again. Woods said it is all Dade County veterans and starts with the American Revolution on one wall and goes around until the more recent military history like Desert Storm. A special area is being developed for Desmond Doss and P.D. Baines. For those classes who would like to visit the museum, the contact person would be Bob Woods at [email protected]. Students would be able to eat their bagged lunches they bring at the American Legion Hall and visit the museum afterwards. The museum is open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm, if teachers would like to visit the museum ahead of time.

Board members approved the financial report; an agreement to continue as the Fiscal Agent for Dade First Family Connection; the system’s 5-year Facilities plan as required by the state for the Capital Outlay Reimbursement Program; and the lowest bid from Copy Paper Proof at $35.20 a case with the last bid for copy paper in November of 2022.

After Executive Session for personnel board member returned and approved the hiring of Lisa Eash as a paraprofessional; Dora Lee Branch, Heather Chance, and Samantha Walraven as substitute teachers; Alexandria Blevins and Spring Shutt as SNP substitutes; Christy Whitaker ad a full-time SNP worker; and Emily Greene and Maddux Daniels as SNP student workers. The resignation of Jessica Stanley from SNP was accepted as well.


Watch the full School Board meeting here!