Letter to the Editor: Cowan is the Best Candidate for Congress

On Aug. 11, voters in northwest Georgia will determine who will represent us in Congress, a decision that will impact the future of our communities for years to come. For me and over 100 other local leaders in our district, the choice is clear. Dr. John Cowan is a homegrown conservative leader who has served the communities of northwest Georgia – both in his career and as a public servant. In contrast. His opponent has shopped for a congressional district to run in and has made it evident she will choose her personal ambitions over the wellbeing of northwest Georgians. She lives in Fulton County, in Alpharetta in the Atlanta area. She is not one of us. The 14th District deserves better.
John Cowan is a trusted fighter with frontline healthcare experience and a proven conservative record. Just as his signs says, John is pro-life, pro-gun and pro-Trump. We can count on him to stand with the president to protect our values and Keep America Great. As the author of Georgia’s monuments protection bill, I know Dr. Cowan is the leader we need to stand up to the Antifa criminals, defend our nation’s heritage and help President Trump build the wall. I encourage all northwest Georgians to make the right decision for our future by voting John Cowan in the runoff on Aug. 11. He will give us all the conservative positions and none of the embarrassment.
Submitted by: Senator Jeff Mullis
Represents: Catoosa, Chattooga, Dade and Walker Counties.