Commissioner Lowery Speaks on 2nd Amendment Ordinance


“Never trust a government that doesn’t trust its own citizens with guns”-Benjamin Franklin

Dade County Commission passed a resolution to become a 2nd Amendment sanctuary to help protect our right to have and bear arms.  However, this action was largely seen as symbolic and not clear on what legal affects the resolution would have.  About a year ago I met with Sheriff Ray Cross who stated, “Lamar, Dade County needs a local law i.e., ordinance so all levels of our local government can protect our 2nd Amendment rights.”  After many long hours of research and drawing up draft after draft and running each draft by our county attorney, the final draft (see attachment) was sent to our county attorney as well as the attorney for the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG)  and is now ready to be presented to the commission and the citizens of the county.

The ordinance states that no county resources, anything owned or paid for by the taxpayers of Dade County, shall not be used to enforce federal gun restrictions or gun accessories laws.  This law is meant to stop federal intrusion and commandeering of any county resources.  I have the support of the County Executive, Ted Rumley, my fellow commissioners, and Sheriff Ray Cross.  I would like to have any Dade County citizen who believes in the 2nd Amendment and supports this ordinance to contact me to have their name and (contact information if you so choose) added to a petition of support.   Call or text – 423-661-4411 or email – [email protected]

Lamar Lowery

District 1 Commissioner