More People Choosing Chiropractic

Numbers and Research Reveal Advantages for Those Under Chiropractic CareHenry Ford played a significant role in bringing the automobile to the world. Bill Gates helped make the computer more user-friendly and took technology use to another level through the creation of Microsoft. Steve Jobs... Read More.

MRI Scans Show Adjustments Reduce Pain and Improve Brain Chemistry

A 2019 study showed that low back pain sufferers who engaged in Chiropractic adjustments experienced a significant reduction in pain. MRI findings also revealed that the same subjects experienced improved brain chemistry levels. Researchers split a group of low back pain sufferers in half... Read More.

Canyon Gallery Student of the Week

Siege Fralix: Age 10It is a privilege to be allowed to “teach” these kids how to paint.  They challenge us, and we challenge them.  The classes are a fun, sometimes boisterous time for 2 hours. ... Read More.

4-H: 2021 Chicken Show and Sale of Champions

On November 8th Dade County UGA Extension & 4-H hosted the 2021 Chicken Show & Sale of Champions at the Ag Center. Back in May, each 4-H’er in this “Chick-to-Chicken Project” took home 10 one-day-old chicks to care for and grow into adult laying... Read More.

What is Sciatica and How can Chiropractic Help?

What is Sciatica and How can Chiropractic Help? The 2006 study published in the Spine Journal called “Chiropractic manipulation in the treatment of acute back pain and sciatica with disc protrusion: a randomized double-blind clinical trial of active and simulated spinal manipulations”.Millions of... Read More.