Chiropractic Care Lowers Health Costs and Reduces Drug Risks

Chiropractors began helping men, women, and children of all ages get and stay well without the use of drugs and surgery in 1895. The Chiropractic profession stands the test of time through patient-centered care and results. Research continues to show the value of Chiropractic... Read More.

Chiropractic Care Enhances Sleep Quality and Depth for Millions

New patients commonly report that an increased depth and duration of restful sleep goes hand in hand with starting Chiropractic care. Parents of children and infants who begin receiving adjustments also often report a significant change in their child’s sleep and restfulness. Science and... Read More.

Get Adjusted to STOP Degeneration Where it STARTS

A spinal segment which is not aligned or moving appropriately will degenerate. A study published in 2007 evaluated the spines of mice when metal links were implanted onto a series of spinal bones to prevent specific vertebral movement. The results were more remarkable than... Read More.

Spinal Adjustments Linked to Amazing Pregnancy & Delivery Benefits

Few interventions affect the success and ease of pregnancy and delivery more than Chiropractic care. And few areas of healthcare need more attention and improvement than infant and maternal health. Infant mortality continues to be a significant concern in even the most industrialized and... Read More.