On November 8th Dade County UGA Extension & 4-H hosted the 2021 Chicken Show & Sale of Champions at the Ag Center. Back in May, each 4-H’er in this “Chick-to-Chicken Project” took home 10 one-day-old chicks to care for and grow into adult laying hens. While doing so over the last 6 months, 4-H’ers learned about the changes required of the hens’ nutritional needs and coop layout as they matured into laying hens. In the days leading up to the show, they sifted through and chose their three best hens to bring to the show to be judged. At the show, the judge evaluated the hens for characteristics such as body capacity, maturity towards laying eggs, health and wellness, and overall appearance. 4-H’er Tahlia Santos exhibited the pen of hens named Grand Champion, and 4-H’er Elijah Mentzer exhibited the pen of hens named Reserve Champion!

Following the show, we hosted the 2nd Annual Sale of Champions. Some goals of the Sale of Champions are to allow the 4-H’ers that participate in the project year-after-year to recoup some of the money they’ve invested in their project, maintain a manageably sized flock, earn money towards their personal scholarship fund, and to build the camaraderie between Dade County 4-H’ers and community members and businesses. We are proud to share that thanks to many community members and businesses, over $2,000 was raised and given back to the 4-H’ers in the Sale of Champions! The Grand Champion pen of hens sold for $500 and the Reserve Champion pen of hens sold for $410. Both were purchased by Mr. Leonard Payne of Rising Fawn.

Dade County 4-H is very proud of all of the 4-Her’s that participated in the project and we are very thankful for the local support of individuals and businesses that contributed to the Sale of Champions. We want to shout a huge “thank you” to all of the buyers and bidders who made the event the success that it was. We would also like to give a big “thank you” to our judge, Mrs. Brenda Jackson from Murray County UGA Extension, and to Mr. Colton Moore, for volunteering his talents as our auctioneer for the sale. This event would not have been near as successful without the tremendous support from the community. Thank you to all of those who attended and supported the show and sale!

by Sarah Dyer & Laura Beth Cunningham