It's looking as though the Rolling Stones' eagerly awaited Goats Head Soup box set is about to be announced. The band has teased on social media that a new song, titled "Criss Cross," will be announced today (July 9th) — leading most fans to expect the tune to be the oft-bootlegged Goats-era track alternately known as "Criss Cross," "Criss-Cross Man," or "Save Me."

In addition to that, the band has posted a short clip, with the "Cross Cross" title, which seems to be a teaser for a full-length video, which premieres today at 9 am ET. The band also posted a faux "recipe" for a "Goats Head Soup" — which included a "Brussels Affair Pate" referencing the band's legendary October 1973 now-official Goats-era live bootleg.

By the time the Stones hit the road in the Fall of '73 in support of Goats Head Soup across Europe, the band was including about a half-dozen of the album's tunes in the nightly setlist. Mick Jagger explained around that time, that a song only really seems to come alive when presented in a live context: ["Quite often, like, if you write a song, it only really develops properly when you play it onstage. And in the studio, it might be the first time you play it. . .  You might do it a couple of days, you might play through the number, rehearse it — but when you've been playing it onstage for a year, it really develops, y'know?"] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . really develops y'know)

Mick Jagger On Songs Coming Into Their Own On Stage :