The Rolling Stones Tease ‘Goats Head Soup’ Box Set


It's looking as though the Rolling Stones' eagerly awaited Goats Head Soup box set is about to be announced. The band has teased on social media that a new song, titled "Criss Cross," will be announced today (July 9th) — leading most fans to expect the tune to be the oft-bootlegged Goats-era track alternately known as "Criss Cross," "Criss-Cross Man," or "Save Me."

In addition to that, the band has posted a short clip, with the "Cross Cross" title, which seems to be a teaser for a full-length video, which premieres today at 9 am ET. The band also posted a faux "recipe" for a "Goats Head Soup" — which included a "Brussels Affair Pate" referencing the band's legendary October 1973 now-official Goats-era live bootleg.

By the time the Stones hit the road in the Fall of '73 in support of Goats Head Soup across Europe, the band was including about a half-dozen of the album's tunes in the nightly setlist. Mick Jagger explained around that time, that a song only really seems to come alive when presented in a live context: ["Quite often, like, if you write a song, it only really develops properly when you play it onstage. And in the studio, it might be the first time you play it. . .  You might do it a couple of days, you might play through the number, rehearse it — but when you've been playing it onstage for a year, it really develops, y'know?"] SOUNDCUE (:14 OC: . . . really develops y'know)

Mick Jagger On Songs Coming Into Their Own On Stage :