Bangles frontwoman Susanna Hoffs has just released a new cover of the Rolling Stones' 1966 classic, "Under My Thumb" as a teaser to her new covers collection, The Deep End. Rock Cellar reported the new set drops on April 7th and features new takes on such new and old favorites as Squeeze's "Black Coffee In Bed," Ed Sheeran's "Afterglow," Billie Eilish's "When The Party’s Over" and "Only You" by Yazoo.

Hoffs spoke about the legendary Stones track, which was but one of the highlights on the band's 1966 Aftermath collection, explaining, "I've listened to that song on repeat since it came out in the mid-'60s. I had an epiphany when I really thought about what the song is about, and it ignited this idea to do my own spin on it — to change the gender and see how it felt. What if the roles are/were reversed and the boy is under her thumb? It was exhilarating to give it a new spin, to flip it on its head, or on its ass. It's a sassy, irreverent song, so it was extremely pleasurable to turn the tables."

The Deep End was produced by Peter Asher and features backing by members of the famed '70s rhythm section, now known as the Immediate Family, including guitarist Waddy Wachtel, bassist Leland Sklar, and drummer Russ Kunkel.