Steve Van Zandt offered up some advice on sharing a microphone with Bruce Springsteen. Van Zandt, who met Springsteen back in 1965 when the pair were just teenagers, is currently back on the road with "The Boss" and the E Street Band.

During a chat with Los Angeles Magazine, he was asked his advice for singing so close every night when he and Springsteen share a mic and explained: "Make sure you brush your teeth and make sure you have mouthwash, and you make sure you make it a pleasant experience as you would if you were about to make love to a woman. I would not suggest eating garlic or peanut butter. You’ve got to be conscious of these things. You’re going to have an intimate moment, so be prepared for it."

Steve Van Zandt has stated numerous times that despite being "The Boss's" deputy in the E Street Band, he's actually the biggest Bruce fan on Earth — and proud to lend his voice to his worldwide legion of followers: ["I'm always gonna be, y'know, the consigliere — I can't help it, OK? Y'know, and when called upon, y'know, I always have an opinion, OK? And my opinion is always going to be bringing things towards what I feel the fans want. That's just me. Y'know, I'm a fan first, I guess — a band guy second, really."] SOUNDCUE (:24 OC: . . . guy second really)

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band next perform on February 5th at Orlando's Amway Center.

Steve Van Zandt On Standing Up For Fans :