Steve Van Zandt has had it up to here with fans complaining about the lack of variety in Bruce Springsteen's nightly setlists. The current E Street Band tour features a setlist that most nights is pretty set in stone, which is usually not the case when "The Boss" hits the road. There is some precedent, though. Back in 2002, when touring behind The Rising, the initial arena dates kept a very tight and predictable setlist, and then things opened up once the band starting hitting stadiums.

While chatting with Kyle Meredith, Steve Van Zandt spoke frankly about online fans who criticize the creative process of putting a show together: ["I had to let that guy have it the other day. He's like, '(Whining) Jeez, you started out playing 28 songs and now you're playing 26. I want my money back.' Get the [beep] outta here! Anybody measuring the show by the amount of songs or the amount of time spent onstage ain't listening! You're not (laughs) paying attention, okay? You're some kind of accountant, or something. This ain't about numbers — it's about an emotional experience. And this one happens to be. . . I think, a special one. And the audiences are reacting in a way I've never seen in America. It's like a Broadway show. Why? Because you're telling a story and every song has a purpose."] SOUNDCUE (:35 OC: . . . has a purpose)


Only days after Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band wrap their North American spring dates, Steve Van Zandt & The Disciples Of Soul will play a special show at Red Bank, New Jersey's Count Basie Center for the Arts. reported Van Zandt will be, "reinventing songs from his two most recent LP's, 2017’s Soulfire and 2019’s acclaimed Summer Of Sorcery, as well as fan favorites spanning his iconic career, with newly updated live arrangements. The performance will be captured for a new concert film to be released later this year." (