Slash Believes Guns N’ Roses Would’ve Been Cancelled In Today’s Climate


During a recent chat with Yahoo Entertainment, Slash admitted that Guns N' Roses' behavior back in the 1980's would've gotten them “cancelled” today.

Although taken to task back in the day for their at times gluttonous behavior — along with material that was often deemed misogynistic and homophobic — Slash says there's no way the band would've survived unscathed in these more PC-centric times: “Everything that we did (laughs) would've gotten us cancelled in this day and age. We would not have fared well in this environment, for sure. I mean, on so many levels — right? But that's just, y'know. . . I mean, a lot of things from back then would be what you considered, uh, 'acceptable' at this moment in time. I can't put my thing on a specific thing because, 'cause it's pretty much all of it.”

Guns N' Roses will next perform on June 30th at London's Hyde Park.

Slash On Being Cancelled – YAHOO :