Sammy Hagar and Rick Springfield's new line of rum has hit the market with three new flavors introducing the brand. All told, there are three new rums on the market — a classic white rum, the Kola Spiced rum and the Red Head Macadamia Nut rum — and sell for around $25 to $35 a bottle.

The two rock veterans have been pals for years — with Springfield scoring a 1981 Top 10 hit with a cover of Hagar's "I've Done Everything For You." The pair has joined forces to relaunch one of Hagar’s spirit lines, "which offers a collection of flavored rums called Sammy’s Beach Bar Rum." The brand, which was started by Hagar has now taken on Springfield as a partner.

Back in January, when the pair announced the joint venture, Rick Springfield told People, "Our first collaboration was a home run so we thought why not try it again. Sammy has had such amazing success in the spirit business and I’ve wanted to get into it for a while now. When this opportunity came along I thought it was a brilliant idea. And I am an Ernest Hemingway fan so of course I drink rum. I’ve tried a bunch of them and the Beach Bar brand is a cut above all the ones I tried — smoother and sweeter."

Back in 2007, it was reported Hagar sold and 80 percent interest in his Cabo Wabo Tequila for an estimated $80 million.

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