Pete Townshend’s Who Reunion Acoustic Guitar Set For Auction


On June 14th, a guitar used by Pete Townshend during the Who's 1989 reunion tour is about to head to auctionin England. The BBC reported, "The 1989 Takamine FP-360SC electro-acoustic guitar is being sold by music auction house Gardiner Houlgate in Wiltshire."

Soon after the band's 25th anniversary tour, the guitar was gifted to a fried only identified as "Robert." Upon his death in 2014, the guitar was inherited by the anonymous seller. Pete Townshend has signed an email to authenticate the guitar's lineage.

Roger Daltrey admitted to us that the band's multi-instrumentalist 1989 outing hardly ranks as one of his favorite Who road treks: ["It was a very difficult tour. Pete didn't want to play electric guitar, he played most of it acoustic. It was just. . . . We had another lead guitarist. . . (The) chemistry wasn't there for me. I had to work my balls off every night on a three-hour-show, working towards nowhere, y'know? So, I didn't like it at all. That's all."] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC . . . all that's all)

The Who kicks off its European tour on June 14th in Barcelona, Spain.