Neil Young Taps 1974 Bottom Line Gig For Official Bootleg


Neil Young has announced via his official website (Neil Young, that his legendary May 16th, 1974 show at New York City's Bottom Line will finally see release as The Bottom Line – "Citizen Kane Jr. Blues." The fabled gig, which is due out in the first quarter of 2021, took place at 2:15 a.m. following sets by Ry Cooder and Leon Redbone, respectively.

Young posted about the show, which has been bootleged over the years, recalling, "In my mind it’s a hazy memory, but this moment really captures the essence of where I was in 1974. Two months later, the album On The Beach was released, including songs I played that night — 'Ambulance Blues,' 'Revolution Blues,' 'On The Beach,' and 'Motion Blues.' Folks at the Bottom Line heard seven new songs for the first time. I just remember that I was 24 (sic) years old, bare, and letting it all out."

Rolling Stone reported, "(Young's set included) 'Pushed It Over The End,' a song inspired by the Patti Hearst kidnapping that he was then calling 'Citizen Kane Jr. Blues,' along with the live premieres of 'Long May You Run,' 'On The Beach,' 'Motion Pictures,' and 'Pardon My Heart.' To this day, it remains the sole live performance of 'Motion Pictures.'"

Although Neil Young has tried extremely hard to keep his life private over the course of his career, he wants it known, he’s hardly a recluse: ["The fact that I don’t, y’know, that I don’t go out of my way to be seen and go to places where I know that my picture’s gonna be taken and things like that makes them think that I’m hiding. I’m not hiding from anything. I’m just not interested in any of it. I have other things that I’m more interested in that don’t have to do with getting my face on People magazine."] SOUNDCUE (:19 OC: . . . on People magazine)

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