Metallica Rolls Out Second Wave Of Covid-19 Financial Relief


Metallica has announced a second round of COVID-19 relief grants via their All Within My Hands Foundation. The band will distribute $70,000 for Feeding America,  $70,000 to Direct Relief which aids in shipping ICU medicine and supplies to 80 countries, an additional $35,000 will go to the USBG's Bartender Emergency Assistance Program, with $50,000 going to MusiCares.

The band issued a statement, which reads:

We are truly overwhelmed by the generosity of fans and friends around the world as many continue to face unimaginable challenges in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. Thanks to your support and kindness by contributing to our fundraisers during the #MetallicaMondays shows, our May Month of Giving, and visiting the All Within My Hands website, as well as a substantial donation from our friends at Salesforce, we’re excited to announce that AWMH will be providing a second round of new grants totaling $295,000 to five organizations doing essential work during this difficult time.

Frontman James Hetfield told us a while back that the loyalty that fans show for Metallica really goes both ways for them: ["Y'know, when I see three generations out in the crowd, and they're all three singing, like, 'Master Of Puppets,' it's like, 'Really? You guys really like this? Okay.' I've got to believe them at some point (laughs). But it still blows my mind to go out there and, no matter what country you're in, they are trying hard to sing along with it, and they just want to be a part of, man."] SOUNDCUE (:22 OC: . . . .part of man)

Metallica’s James Hetfield On Fan Loyalty :