Metallica Releasing ’72 Seasons’ Videos In Sign Language


Metallica is making history on April 25th, when all 12 of the songs from their new 72 Seasons album will be released as videos using American sign language. This marks the first time a major rock band has ever done so.

Blabbermouth reported, "In honor of #NationalASLDay, Metallica has partnered with Amber G Productions, an ASL interpreting company, and DPAN (Deaf Professional Arts Network) to kick things off with the title track."

James Hetfield told us a while back what keeps him going year-after-year: ["Well, for me writing music is like breathing, and being able to create things in a band that has a huge family out there and a following around the world, and be able to get my confusion and questions and insanity into this music and put out to the rest of the world so people can relate. . . there's no better thing."] SOUNDCUE (:21 OC: . . . no better thing)