Mammoth WVH Plays Debut Gig In Kansas Club


Mammoth WVH, led by Wolfgang Van Halen performed its debut live gig on Tuesday night (July 27th). Blabbermouth reported the band played in Lawrence, Kansas at the 500-capacity club, Bottleneck, with V100 posting, "Wolf and the crew didn't play any cover songs. No VAN HALEN, just straight up MAMMOTH WVH and it was phenomenal. So if you plan on catching a MAMMOTH WVH show in the future, don't expect any VAN HALEN tunes. What you can expect though, is a touching tribute from father to son."

Wolfgang Van Halen, who'll be on the road for the next few months opening for Guns N' Roses, tweeted after the gig, "Show number 1 is officially in the books. Thanks so much for coming out and sharing this special night with us, folks. I won’t forget it".