Dolly Parton’s Stevie Nicks Debut Was Originally For Fleetwood Mac


Dolly Parton has revealed that her new duet with Stevie Nicks was initially written for Fleetwood Mac.

Parton told the Hollywood Reporter, "She stayed in Nashville for four days, which was great. Getting in the studio with her was great. We talked a lot."

During this time, Nicks told Parton about the song and explained the history of the record.

Parton recalled, "She said, ‘This is a song I wrote back when [Fleetwood Mac was] in the heat of our stuff.' She said, 'It’s a song I love but they didn’t think it was good enough to be on a record.’ She said, ‘I have an old demo of it. Can we do this one, because I wrote it about someone I was involved with that was also in the rock ‘n’ roll field when we had an affair?'” Parton recounted. “She wrote that about their relationship because they had fun about it. ‘What has rock ‘n’ roll ever done for you?’ They said, ‘Well, everything,’ because they were both famous and rich. She just said, ‘I just love this song. I’d like to do it just to commemorate that time in my life and that person.’”

The song, titled "What Has Rock and Roll Ever Done for You," appears on Dolly Parton's new album, Rockstar.