Kirk Hammett: Metallica’s Maturity Allowed His Solo Album To Happen


Kirk Hammett maintains that it was the maturity of his Metallica bandmates that allowed him the freedom to record and release his debut solo EP, Portals.

Hammett spoke about the critically acclaimed new set to Consequence Of Sound's Kyle Meredith, with transcribing Hammett's view on the first solo project released in the group's 40-year-history.

The guitarist revealed, "Things are just different now with Metallica. I mean, we're just a lot more mature, I guess. A lot more responsible, I guess (laughs)? And so it seems like a solo album, it's a different understanding. I think the understanding nowadays is that we're all artists, and we all create, and we should have the opportunity to express ourselves, put out whatever art we want to put out to the world."

He went on to explain why the time has come for the members of Metallica to spread their creative wings individually: "There's no reason why we shouldn't at this point. What do we got to prove? We're friggin' one the biggest bands in the world these days, y'know? I mean, how can anything dilute our influence these days? I believe that putting out an album like this only makes us look better. And it's not just my solo album."

Hammett added: "This album is the result of those guys' influence, too. Look, I have been playing with them for the last 40 years. They're on this album as much as I am. Just subjectively, not objectively. We're all influenced by each other, when it comes to being in a band. There's no way around it."