Kenny Loggins will publish his autobiography, Still Alright, via Hachette Books on June 14th. The memoir, which was co-written by Jason Turbow, chronicles the Grammy Award-winner's incredible life and career, from his early days as part of Loggins & Messina, through his solo-'70s and '80s hits, and up to today.

Loggins said in the book's press release:

Writing this book and piecing together the moments of my life has been a really eye-opening experience for me. It’s almost like therapy, to get to look at how honest I can be. How honest can I be about my motivations, my reactions to certain relationships and circumstances, what did I learn, and how did it affect my music?

Kenny Loggins admitted to us that he needs to stay varied musically — both on the road and in the studio — for himself as well as his longtime fans: ["It's not good for me to do that. It's not fulfilling as an artist, and I think then it eliminates another major section of my fan base 'cause they may not like that part of me. They want to hear me do 'Footloose' or another group wants to hear me do 'Danny's Song.'"] SOUNDCUE (:13 OC: . . . do 'Danny's Song')

Back in 2018, Kenny Loggins received the first-ever Icon Award in L.A. at the Guild Of Music Supervisors Awards for his outstanding achievements in film, television, and soundtracks — and is one of the "Yacht Rock"-era artists to have bridged the gap between the '70s and '80s with relative ease: ["Well, it was actually a very lucky period for me. Both weird and lucky. It was lucky in that, that started happening for me right at then height of the disco era and artist were falling by the wayside. Y'know, guitar-based artists were disappearing and we were seeing all these dance artists emerge, and it was hard to stay alive. And what paid the rent during that time were the movies for me, and so, I could pull off a theme song. And that was pure luck. Caddyshack was the first of the movie songs for me, then Footloose, then Top Gun — and there are a few that will remain nameless (laugh)"] SOUNDCUE (:32 OC: . . . will remain nameless (laugh))

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