Jon Bon Jovi Teases ‘Big, Big Surprises’ For Band’s 40th Anniversary


Jon Bon Jovi says “lots of big, big surprises” are in store for the band’s 40th anniversary next year.

In a video message to Spotify listeners, who have Bon Jovi as their top artist of 2023, Jon teases that new projects are coming soon, although the specifics were bleeped out.

One thing that could be understood was that you can count on unreleased and somewhat forgotten, Bon Jovi songs to be released. About that, Jon said, “Whether it’s lyric books or photographs and video and film and things — I had no idea that I was such a hoarder. We have a lot. And to coincide with the 40th anniversary, is going to be the… be-all, end-all, box set.”

Bon Jovi has been in Nashville recently working on a new album. They released their self-titled, debut album on January 21, 1984.