David Crosby Calls On CSNY, Springsteen, Jackson Browne, & The Eagles For Biden Fundraising Concert


David Crosby is hoping that some of rock's more liberal leaning musicians join forces for a benefit concert for former-Vice President Joe Biden — listing Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, the Eagles, and others who should take part in a massive fundraiser.

"Croz," who had made it extremely clear over the years that he wants to reunite with his former bandmates in order to topple Donald Trump's presidency, linked to the Neil Young song "Let's Impeach The President," in a tweet that stated: "That song is what Neil and Stephen (Stills) and Graham (Nash) and I should be singing right now every effing night. . . please Neil. . . if you read this. . . forgive me and let’s do the right thing and help right now. The country and the people need the help we can give. . . Graham knows right and wrong and is in his heart a decent guy. . . he loves this country too. . . so does Stephen. . . deeply."

Crosby and Nash have been at odds for the past five years due to personal disagreements — with Young cutting Crosby off after Crosby slammed Young's now-wife Daryl Hannah, labeling her "a purely poisonous predator," when the couple became an item.

When pressed as to whether Young would sign on to put Joe Biden in the White House, Crosby told a follower: "To get rid of the Dumpster. . . oh I think he will. . . Joe Biden isn’t perfect. . . no one is. . . he is a million times better than that heartless s***." (Neil Young's) always been pretty consistent about trying to be a decent human. . . Bridge school for instance. . . and I think he cares about the country. . . it gave him his career. . .  so I think he does care."

Crosby went on to tweet: "Jackson is a stand up guy. . . he has constantly tried to be a good human being. . . Eagles are good people and might well help. . . they certainly could. Bruce would do it!  I think even (Don) Henley, (Joe) Walsh and (the) Eagles would do it!  (Sheryl Crow. . . etc.) . . Come to think of it. . . Bruce? . . . what’s up? . . . you are a decent man . . will you stand up against this and speak out? How about a tv special with you and (the) E Street (Band) and CSNY. For Biden . . . nobody but Bruce could do more for Biden than us."

David Crosby touched upon the recent drug overdose death of his 21-year-old biological son, Beckett Cypher — whom he fathered for Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher: "Graham has tried to be nice also. . . he and Stephen both sent kind words about the death of my son Beckett. Neil is the one in the drivers seat (regarding a reunion.)"

While at the Sundance Film Festival promoting his recent career-spanning documentary, Remember My Name, David Crosby spoke with TheWrap.com and was asked about what he would say to his estranged friend and partner, Graham Nash: ["'Probably tell him that I love him, 'cause that's the highest of the emotions that I feel about it. That's the best that I got. We sing wonderfully together and we made incredibly good music together. All four of us in that band have been horrible to each other (laughs) many times. One of us has left another of us in the middle of a tour, just hangin' — 'See ya, bye! Deal with it' We've done a lot of weird [beep] to each other. So, if I had a chance to talk to him, I'd sit down and say, 'Hey, y'know, I haven't changed, I'm still the same [beep – beep] you started with in the first place."] SOUNDCUE (:28 OC: . . . the first place)

David Crosby On What He’d Say To Graham Nash Today :