David Crosby Calls Neil Young ‘An Evocative, But Not A Great Singer’


David Crosby critiqued his estranged bandmate Neil Young when a fan pressed him for his opinion via his Twitter feed. The fan posted to "Croz": "David. I've considered Neil Young, not only a great songwriter and musician but a wonderful representation of Canada. Clearly, you've spent many years working with him. Is he held in as high revere by the music community you know as much as he is by Canadians?"

Crosby responded: "Probably yes. . . people who love songs as an art form pretty much went for him whole hog early on just on quality in songwriting. . . he is an evocative but not great singer, fine guitarist and regarded well by his fans and his peers."

David Crosby told us that it was clear that Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young was never going to remain a band for very long due to the fact that Neil Young always had several other musical projects cooking on the back burner: ["Y’know, you gotta understand, Neil didn’t mean to join a band. To Neil, CSNY was a stepping stone. Y’know, he intended to have a solo career. He had seen what being in the Buffalo Springfield was like, he liked being by himself much better, he had Harvest ready to go when we were doing (CSNY) and he had every intention of moving on. And all of us had thoughts like that. I knew that Nash and I had something special and I knew that we could go out and do Crosby-Nash anytime and it would be good. It would be really good music.”] SOUNDCUE (:29 OC: . . . really good music)

David Crosby On Neil Young Having A Solo Career :