Alice Cooper has shared that on his new album with his touring band, there won't be any "overdubs" on the effort. 

He told Ultimate Classic Rock, "Well, there's a new album coming out with my touring band right now. I wanted to show off the touring band, so we wrote songs, went in the studio, and I said, 'Here's the deal on this album: No overdubs.' I said, 'Everything has to be done in the studio live because the whole idea of this album is showing off how good this band is live.' So when you hear this album, it sounds like a studio album, but it's actually them playing live in the studio."

Cooper went on to say, "That album will be coming out, and then, the thing with the original band is when we broke up, we never broke up with any bad blood. We went to high school together, we were on the cross country and track team together, things like that. There was never bad blood between any of us, and we always … I mean, I would ask Dennis [Dunaway], 'Dennis, could you come in and play bass on this song?' 'Yeah. Could you sing on this song? I've got a thing going on with this band that I'm in.' 'OK.' So there was never that like, 'Oh, I'm never gonna talk to him again,' or 'I'm never gonna work with him again.' So we've always been writing." 

He added, "'Neal Smith will send me three or four songs and I'll do some writing lyrics on it and send it back to him, and he has his own band. Dennis is in two or three bands. Mike [Michael Bruce], they're always working musicians. So when we write 10 or 12 songs, I don't know exactly what that's going to be, but I know that those songs exist now. So I'm thinking about in the future, that would be kind of a cool thing.'"