Ace Frehley Releases New Album Friday


Out Friday, February 23rd is “10,000 Volts,” a new solo album from original KISS guitarist Ace Frehley. It's Frehley's first release since the covers album Origins Vol. 2 in 2020 and his first of original material since Spaceman in 2018. Frehley wrote and co-produced the album with Steve Brown of Trixter, and the Spaceman tells us he's very pleased with the results:

“Here I am at age 72 and, y'know, I put out one of the best records I've ever recorded, and the singing is some of the best vocals I've ever done. It really doesn’t make any sense, but I'm the kind of guy that always broke rules, y'know.” OUT CUE :19

“10,000 Volts'” 11 tracks include on instrumental, the album-closing “Stratosphere,” as well as a cover of “Life of a Stranger,” sung by French actress Nadia for the 2002 action film “The Transporter.” The album has been preceded by two singles, the title track and “Walkin' on the Moon.”

Frehley will play on the Monsters of Rock Cruise March 2-6 out of Miami and plans to tour extensively in support of the album, starting March 27 at Sony Hall in New York City.