AC/DC’s Angus Young Feels Like Three Different People While Onstage


AC/DC's Angus Young has long been one of rock's most iconic performers — and is legendary for losing himself once he gets into the zone onstage. During a recent chat with Total Guitar, Young spoke frankly about his metamorphosis once the lights go down and the music starts, revealing, "I’m on my own little cloud. Adrenaline takes over. It’s like when you take off in an airplane. It’s exhilarating. When you’re firing well, it’s the best feeling in the world. And when it goes wrong, it’s like someone’s shoved a red-hot poker up your backside. But for me, the shows go so quickly. You’re on and you’re off, and then you have to go back to how you are as a person. That’s the hard part because once you go into being 'The Schoolboy' it’s pretty hard to come off it. I’m like two different people — sometimes three!”

When pressed as to who the third person might be, Young explained, "That’s what I’m trying to figure out! I’ve been up there playing and thinking, what are those feet doing? I’m watching them to see which way they want to go. That’s all I ever do, follow the feet and the guitar. The duckwalk comes naturally.  . . When I put the uniform on, and the legs start shaking. . . I’m ready."

Angus Young told us a while back that his own personal AC/DC set list would probably be even more obscure to fans: ["I've been unlucky. I've never really got my choice ones. A lot of the tracks that I like probably goes back to the early days. See, when I first joined the band, in rehearsal, y'know, they used to do a lot of old Chuck Berry songs. I'm a big fan of Chuck Berry, but the one I like best was the 'riding along in my automobile' song ('No Particular Place To Go'). As soon as I joined, they stopped playing it."] SOUNDCUE (:17 OC: . . . stopped playing it)

Angus Young says he never gets to pick the songs in AC/DC’s live set :