It’s that time of year again for the annual US 11 Antique Alley! Citizens of Dade County are certainly all too familiar with this FOUR-day shopping weekend that always follows the weekend of Mother’s Day. This event takes place along US Highway 11 stretching over 500 miles, from Meridian, MS all the way to Bristol, VA. This of course puts parts of our tri-state area right in the hot zone. Get your wallets ready, folks!

This event was a creation of the late Bill Marshall, who was a very prominent figure here in Dade County for many years. The event is known to bring anywhere from thousands to tens of thousands of people out of their homes to ride down HWY 11 and shop ‘til they drop. Concessions are also a standard part of the event, so come hungry as well! Naturally, traffic will be much more congested than usual and could impact some folks’ commute and travel plans. Please plan accordingly but be sure to also carve out some time to get out and browse!

By Dexter Wooten