Trenton Police Department Shares Reminder of Traffic Guidelines as School Gets Ready to Begin


With school starting back on Friday, August 4th, the Trenton Police Department put out a reminder to those who will be traveling that the central turning lane on GA-136 West is not a passing lane.

O.C.G.A. 40-6-126 states a vehicle shall not be driven in the turning lane for more than 300ft from your turn destination. Do not enter the turning lane at the Food Outlet and travel to the red light at McKaig Road. This also applies to all turning lanes in the Trenton. TPD also wishes to remind everyone to be mindful and use caution when driving behind or approaching school buses as they  pick up children up at the bus stops.

TPD has also been in communication with GA Department Of Transportation in fixing the red light cycles at McKaig Rpad and the Interstate Ramps in order to make traffic in these spots move more smoothly.