Trenton City Commission to Stay the Same as Commissioners Retains Seat


The Trenton General Elections, held on November 7th, saw a total of 248 voters participate in the electoral process. The election results highlighted the success of the incumbent officials running unopposed and a competitive race for the Street Commissioner seat.

Incumbent Mayor Joseph Alex Case retained his seat with 195 votes. Case faced no opposition in the mayoral race, securing his position for another term.

Similarly, incumbent Fire/Utilities Commissioner Lucretia Houts maintained her role, receiving 204 votes in the uncontested race.

Finally, incumbent Street Commissioner Monda Wooten successfully defended her position against challenger Johnny Taylor. Wooten secured 151 votes, while Taylor received 94 votes.

The Trenton General Election were marked by the retention of incumbent officials in unopposed races and a competitive contest for the Street Commissioner position.