Trenton City Commission Considers New Crosswalk and Hears Baby Box Suggestion


During their meeting Monday night, the Trenton City Commission reported that the city general fund currently sits on around $1, 030,028.34. The Commissioners also considered several items including updating current software to aid in financial matters and adding a pedestrian crosswalk at Case Avenue and West Crabtree Street to help those dropping off children at Dade Elementary.

A new project was presented to the Commission regarding Baby Boxes. Babies have been found more and more frequently abandoned around the nation. These Boxes would provide mothers a means to anonymously surrender their child. This would ideally save babies from being abandoned or discarded. This was recommended to be put at the fire department, police department, or sheriff’s office. The Commission agreed to study it and discuss it at the next meeting.

Reports were given from the Dade County Public Library as well as the Alliance for Dade. The Library is still looking to hire a Youth Education coordinator. Those considering applying need to see the library’s website ( The Dade-First Family Connection will again be hosting their annual Blue Ribbon Glow Run on April 21st.

Watch the Full meeting here!