Townsend Named as Georgia Clerk of the Year


A member of the Dade County administrative office received a special honor during Thursday night’s August County Commission Meeting.

County Executive Ted Rumley asked County Clerk Don Townsend to attend the meeting. Townsend has been home as his wife battles cancer. Rumley surprised Townsend with the announcement that Townsend had been voted as Clerk of the Year for the state of Georgia.

Rumley explained that Townsend was awarded Clerk of the Year after a statewide vote including all 159 counties in the state of Georgia. Clerk of the Year is given, normally, during a convention in Savannah, but COVID-19 had changed things around this year. Rumley said the award was mailed to the county to be presented to Townsend.

“Everybody appreciates you and all the work you do,” Rumley said. “We’re just proud of you.”

Townsend was awarded Clerk of the Year through the ACCG and Georgia Clerks Association. He thanked everyone for the award and for all the prayers from people in Dade County and across the world. Townsend asked them to continue praying for his wife who is in “the fight of her life”.

Townsend has been Dade County’s Clerk for 13 years.

Video of the work session and meeting can be viewed below.