The Georgia Department of Education released the 2023 four-year and five-year graduation rates for Dade to the public today

Dade County High School Graduation Rate – 2023
The Georgia Department of Education released the 2023 four-year and five-year graduation rates to the public today. Dade County High School’s four-year graduation rate is 86.9%, which is down from last year (91.5%), and the five-year graduation rate increased to 92.1% which is up from from last year (84.8%).
DCHS Principal Brent Cooper stated “we are proud to be above the state average, but our goal is 100% and for that to happen, we all have to be on the same page.  We believe that attendance directly correlates with grades which impacts graduation rates. Since 2019-2020, many schools, along with Dade County, have struggled in the area of attendance. We believe that coming to school to receive face-to-face instruction, in a safe learning environment with positive, healthy relationships are key ingredients for success. Our leadership team has worked collaboratively to develop new attendance procedures for the ’23 – ’24 school year to incentivize student attendance. Students have opportunities to exempt final exams in addition to gaining free admission for home athletic events. We have high expectations for our students and hopefully, they will realize that we are trying to help them be successful in life.”
Dade County Schools Superintendent, Mr. Josh Ingle stated, “our goal is to educate the whole child from pre-k through high school so that every student graduates. As we continue to address academic recovery post-pandemic, I am confident that DCHS Principal, Mr. Brent Cooper, and the DCHS team are working diligently to reinforce positive relationships with our students while also holding them accountable for their learning. We are committed to working with our students, our parents, and the greater Dade County community to achieve our goals. We are ONE system with four schools, and together, we are #TeamDadeGa.
Mr. Chris Davis, Coordinator of Academics for Dade County Schools added “There are many factors to consider when calculating the graduation rate that dates back four years ago. Students who officially graduate with a general education diploma are the only students who count in the percentile. Students who graduate with a skills diploma or a GED do not count for the school. This year’s graduation rate is calculated on those students who entered the 9th grade during the 2019-2020 school year. During their 9th grade year, they experienced the Great Shutdown which resulted in many students never returning to the classroom nationwide. Research shows that many students began working to fill the void created by the pandemic. Having students back in school full time and working with parents to help promote healthy attendance will allow the schools to effectively guide students into being college and career-ready which in return will increase the graduation rate.”