Storms Cause Damage Throughout Local Area


A storm system blew through on August 7th. Dade County Schools let out early at 1:00pm in anticipation of the event. As the winds ripped past the county, many trees were knocked down causing damage to property and power lines. Members of the community aided local officials in clearing the road. Grateful for the assistance, Sheriff Ray Cross had the following to say,
While our Deputies were out clearing roadways, our community members were standing right beside them. That’s always how it goes in Dade. Every time something happens, our community members stand right beside us, and we see it. We see the support you give us, and it makes our job that much easier. Thank you for always being there for us, just like we’re always here for you!!”Several people have had to go without power, which should be returned soon.”

May be an image of tree and road May be an image of covered bridge and barn door

As of the writing of this article, Interstate 59 North & South is shut down in the area of Slygo Road for Georgia Power to repair the power lines damaged in the storms yesterday.