Special Operation by Local Law Enforcement Puts Smiles on Kids’ Faces


Local law enforcement brought smiles to the faces of several children this Saturday.

The Dade County Sheriff’s Office shared information about the “special operation” Shopping With Kids.

“Officers, members, and supporters of the Fraternal Order of Police (Lodge #086) spent the morning at the Wal-Mart in Lookout Valley Christmas shopping,” the Sheriff’s Office Facebook post said.

The Sheriff’s Office thanked Carlton Stallings, President of FOP Lodge #086 for heading this project each year. “It is a privilege to witness so many come together to make sure these kids leave with a few extra smiles and a great experience with police officers.”

Pictured Above: Sheriff Ray Cross and Major Barry Irwin. 

Pictured Below: 1) Members of Dade County law enforcement meet to participate in Shopping with Kids. 2) School Resource Officer Amanda Lind 3) Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #086 President Carlton Stallings. 4) Lookout Mountain Judicial Circuit Investigator Christy Smith. 5) Trenton PD K9 handler Tre Williams. 6) Administrative Assistant Cyndi Thurman. 7) Sargeant Hailey Smith. 8) Trenton Police Chief Steve Beaudoin. 9) Dade SO Captain Tommy Brasford. 10) School Resource Officer Michael Cloud. Pictures Courtesy of the Dade County Sheriff’s Office.