Rumors of Move by All Students to Virtual School Are False


Rumors began spreading Monday that Dade County Schools may be moving all students to virtual school.

Superintendent Dr. Jan Harris addressed the rumors during Monday night’s Board of Education meeting which was streamed live by KWN and later played on television.

Harris said they have been monitoring the COVID situation closely with the Department of Public Health as well as keeping parents informed with weekly COVID reports for the school system. Harris said currently Dade County Schools have ten positive cases total and 128 in quarantine.

“I just wanted to let everyone at home know we are monitoring this situation closely, staying in contact with DPH and all of the officials, and monitoring our own numbers,” Harris said. “So we will keep you informed as always.”

The rumors of virtual school from home persisted and a SchoolCast message was sent to all parents in the school system on Tuesday afternoon saying,

“DADECS: School remains open as normal. We continue to monitor the status for COVID . The number of new cases decreased this week. The majority of parents prefer traditional school. Our Board shares this preference, and so do I. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends traditional school as compared to virtual. School remains open as normal. We promise to keep you informed. Dr. Harris”