Recreational Park Ordinance approved by Trenton City Commissioners


Recreational Park Ordinance approved by city commissioners.

Trenton City Commissioners, with Commissioner Mike Norris being absent, unanimously approved a workshop agenda which included the Recreational Vehicle Park Ordinance during their January meeting.

The ordinance sets guidelines for RV parks as follows:

In zoning districts RA where permitted, recreational vehicle parks shall comply with the following requirements:

  1. a) Water and sanitary sewer. RV parks shall be connected to a public water supply and public sanitary sewer system, or an on-site sewage management system approved by the Dade County Environmental Health Department and City of Trenton Sewer Department.

(b) Minimum development area. The minimum lot area for the development shall be ten acres on single trac or lot.

(c) Minimum development frontage. The minimum road frontage for the lot shall be 100 feet.

(d) Space setback. No recreational vehicle space shall be located within 50 feet of a county road, City Road or state right-of-way.

(e) Access. Direct access to a City, county, state Hwy shall be required. No entrance shall be through a residential district, nor shall movement of traffic from the park through a residential district be permitted.

(f) Internal access roads. All access roads within the development shall be private with accessible roadway for emergency vehicles approved by the Fire Department.

(g) Parking and driveways. All off-street parking areas or spaces and driveways have direct access to an interior access road. No driveway serving an individual recreational vehicle space shall be permitted to access a road exterior to the development, except via an approved internal access road.

(h) Minimum open space. At least 10 percent of the park must be set aside as open space or for recreation purposes.

(i) Occupancy. No recreational vehicle or space shall be rented or occupied for a period of more than 30 days.

(j) All cabins or structures will be minimum of 560 sqft. All structures will be site built unless otherwise approved by the building inspector with a design of the structure for approval.

(k)Accessory uses. Management offices, active indoor or passive outdoor recreational facilities, toilets, showers, laundry facilities and other uses and structures customarily incidental to the operation of a recreational vehicle park are permitted as accessory uses, provided use is restricted to the occupants of the park.

(l) Rules and regulations. The park operator will be responsible for ensuring that visitors comply with the rules and regulations of the City Ordinances.

Mayor Alex Case notified the Commission that one of the city’s new patrol cars has been totaled when a tree fell on it while it was parked at the officer’s residence. Case said everything in the vehicle could be reused except the pieces broken on the outside of the vehicle. The city clerk has already spoken with the city’s insurance and they are just waiting on an adjuster. Case contacted Prater Ford, where the city last purchased police vehicles from and they were looking for a vehicle for the city. They had some in stock at the dealership, but they were the wrong color. Case said he would be contacting the commissioners as soon as they found a vehicle in order to get approval to purchase the vehicle. Case said the city needed the vehicle replaced as soon as possible because they had no spare vehicles. The plan was for funds for the purchase would come from the General Fund and be replaced by insurance once it came through.

Commissioners also approved appointments to the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and the purchase of five sets of turnout gear and five sets of extrication gear for the Trenton Fire Department.

In the month of December the Trenton Police Department responded to 338 calls for service, performed 102,436 business checks, answered 14 burglary alarms, handled four domestic violence calls, nine trespassing calls, 16 suspicious acting person calls, worked 17 traffic accidents, and executed 154 traffic stops with 130 citations issued.

The community center was rented a total of 247 hours with animal Control responding to nine complaints or work orders.

City Inspections completed five remodels, four new constructions, and three electrical inspections. The Sewer Department performed 38 underground located, handled 14 sewer calls, and one main line break. Commissioner Lucretia Houts and Case informed commissioners that the sewer expansion project for Trenton Pressing had gone over budget by $42,000 so a request for more funds will be made next month. The fire department responded to 14 fire calls, eight traffic accidents, 12 standby’s, 19 medical calls and dispatched and canceled en route 51 times.

The Streets Department put up all the Christmas lights in December and had a lot of positive feedback and more businesses wanting to participate next year. They are looking at the possibility of lighting the city up earlier, like right after Thanksgiving, next year so there is more time to enjoy the lights. The Streets Department has been handling routine work orders as ell and has received their new grapple truck.

By: Summer Kelly