Recreation Association Board Takes Action in Response to Community Feedback


In a recent Facebook post, the Dade County Recreation Association (DCRA) made a request for community comments about recreational sports in Dade. Several responses were reportedly collected through an anonymous Google forms survey, personal messages, and face-to-face interactions. As the DCRA progresses, the association seeks input from the community regarding the upcoming basketball season. The DCRA continues to request input, which can be given by clicking here. They encourage community members to participate in a survey, with the stipulation that only one response per person is allowed.

In other Recreation Association news, the former soccer commissioner stepped down from their position, and a new commissioner, Andy Wishart, was introduced to the role.

The DCRA Board will be having its annual meeting on November 17th at 6:00pm at Trenton Methodist Church in the fellowship hall. The community is welcome and encouraged to attend, and can expect a finalized agenda in the weeks to come.