Multiple Agency Fire Training Held in Dade County


Firefighters and trainers from Dade and the northwest Georgia area met Saturday for a Pressurized Container class ending at Dade County High School.

According to posts by Dade Emergency Management and on the Dade County, Georgia Facebook page, firefighters and instructors came from Cartersville, Catoosa, Walker, Gordon County, Summerville, Bartow, and GPSTC in addition to firefighters from Dade. Suggs Propane donated the propane for the evening’s exercises.

Deputy Clerk Carey Anderson speaks with New Home Fire Department Asst. Chief Buddy Stephens during the Pressurized Container Class. (Courtesy of Dade County, Georgia)
Firefighter Training tonight in Dade County. This video is of the first group of the evening shutting down a pressurized container fire. (Courtesy of Dade Emergency Management)
Live video of pressurized container training. If you look closely, at the end of the video, you can see a firefighter reaching into the flames to turn off the propane valve. (Courtesy of Dade Emergency Management).