Millage Rate To Stay The Same In Trenton But Public Hearings still required, Tax Bills To Be Mailed Soon


City Commission Approves Millage Rate

By Summer Kelly

Property tax bills will be going out to city residents soon as Trenton City Commissioners approve the new millage rate.

City Commissioners announced there would be no change to the current 4.498 millage rate and they would be accepting the growth. The millage rate is 0.386 over the state suggested rollback rate of 4.112, resulting in a 9% increase in the property tax levy for the current year, even though the millage rate itself did not change. Three public meetings were held earlier in October to which no one outside of city administration attended according to Mayor Alex Case. The millage rate was approved unanimously by Trenton City Commissioners during the regular scheduled October meeting on Monday.

Also approved by City Commissioners was the 100 day extension of the moratorium regarding campers, campgrounds, and short term rentals within the city while Trenton’s current ordinance is under review by commissioners.

Case said September was “business as usual” for the city while giving the financial report which had an ending general fund balance of $823,746.02 for the month of August. Balances for other accounts include the Trenton Police Department Seizure fund with $2,475.54; the Hotel/Motel Fund with $123,771.41; the Art Fund with $262,597.72; and a Savings balance of $27,293.

Parks and Recreation/Animal Control Commissioner Terry Powell said the Community Center was rented 105 hours in the month of September and Middle School softball has ended. Animal Control handled 12 animal calls and one bite call from the county.

City Inspectors remain busy in Trenton with building and zoning inspections including four remodels, one garage addition, two new commercial inspections, two new constructions, and the completion of four electrical inspections, two HVAC inspections, five plumbing inspections and one new inspection.

Fire and Utilities Commissioner Lucretia Houts said the Sewer Department performed 42 underground locates, nine emergency locates, and handled seven sewer calls. Case said the project for the sewer system upgrade and additions is moving forward and contracts have been awarded. Dates are being set for Phase I of the project.

The Trenton Fire Department was dispatched to seven fire-related calls, 12 traffic accidents, 21 medical calls, seven stand-by’s, and were dispatching cancelled in route for 48 calls, with a total of 95 calls for the month of September.

Police Commissioner Mike Norris reported Trenton Police Department responded to 256 calls for service in the month of September including six animal control calls, nine domestic disturbance calls, thirty-two suspicious person calls, ten trespassing calls, and 14 traffic accidents. Officers also performed over 100 traffic stops resulting in 111 citations.