Local Officials Concerned About Chattanooga’s Greyhound Bus Station Now Located in Dade Location


Recently it was announced that the Greyhound bus stop for Chattanooga has been moved to Dade County.

The bus stop, previously located in the urban area of Chattanooga, TN, has been relocated to Highway 299 in Wildwood, GA. The move has been upsetting to those travelers using Greyhound to get to Chattanooga according to news reports from WDEF.  Especially since Dade has very limited access to Uber drivers or any other public transportation to get them into the city of Chattanooga itself.
Wildwood bus stop interior
Greyhound travelers are not the only ones who are concerned. Sheriff Ray Cross said he and County Executive, Ted Rumley have heard from multiple Dade County citizens who are upset about the bus stop. Cross said when he heard they were moving to Wildwood he was upset. Especially after they had worked to get a previous bus stop in Trenton shut down.
Cross said his concerns are the increased need for law enforcement regarding the bus stop as well as the possibility of tent cities and other similar problems that can arise from having a rurally located bus stop. Just this past week Cross said his officers on one evening shift handled seven calls regarding the bus stop. The calls are generally bus drivers throwing disruptive passengers off the bus due to behavior issues. Cross feels the county should not have to deal with the extra burden on law enforcement that having the bus stop incurs.
Sheriff Cross and County Executive Rumley have been working to see what can be done about getting the Greyhound bus stop moved out of Dade. He has spoken with U.S. Representative Marjorie Green and Travis Loudermilk regarding the bus stop. Cross said he has also called and spoken with the owner of Billy’s, previously Mapco, located across the street from Dollar General on Highway 299. Billy’s is the location of the new Greyhound bus stop. Cross said he warned the owner that Deputies would be keeping a close eye on the location and the owner welcomed the enforcement.
Cross said it is important to know that these are passengers coming from all over the U.S. and not the busses of immigrants some have been concerned about. It is also important to remember that this bus stop is located on private property where their hands are tied as far as getting it moved, shutting it down, or other possible solutions.
“We can only do what we can do,” Cross said. “Myself and Ted Rumley are trying to do all we can.”
Cross has obtained the bus schedules and distributed them to his Deputies. He has asked them to keep an eye on the busses and Billy’s whenever possible.
By Summer Kelley