Larry Moore Receives Recognition for Dade Sports Complex. Commission renames it “Larry Moore Park”


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Former Dade County Sole-Commissioner Larry Moore received commendation on Wednesday morning, in the form of resolution R-03-21, officially renaming the Dade Sports Complex, commonly known as “The Four Fields” to Larry Moore Park.

Larry Moore and his family gathered for the formal presentation from Dade Chair Executive Ted Rumley, Vice Chair Robert Goff, and commissioner Lowry.


“This is not all Larry done while he was in office. If you look around, a lot people don’t realize some of the things he was really responsible for. And as sole commissioner, I can’t imagine some of the heat he took for it… Had it not been for him, and his foresight for the future … it might have happened, but it would never be, that far along .. We appreciate him so much”
-Ted Rumley


Commissioner Moore was the driving force towards getting the park built during his time as sole Dade commissioner.

Hundreds of local youth participate in local rec league sports including baseball, softball, tennis, soccer, and football.

The park also has a walking track, batting cages, and in the modern day, free Wi-Fi.


“He was very instrumental in bringing REC league sports to Dade County … He’s still probably one of our biggest supporters, sports, high school or any other way, in all Dade County.”
-Vice-Chair Robert Goff