Juvenile Arrested for Burglary and Vandalism of Jackson County Schools


A  juvenile suspect has been taken into custody following a spree of vandalism and burglary incidents at two local schools. Authorities from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office apprehended the suspect after a wave of damage.

The chain of events began on Thursday, August 17, 2023, when an unidentified perpetrator targeted Bryant Elementary School. The assailant spray-painted bricks, windows, and the school’s marquee, causing significant damage that was later estimated to exceed $15,000 in repair costs.

The next day, on Friday, August 18, 2023, the same suspect emerged again, this time clad in identical attire and armed with a baseball bat and a bag. Their actions mirrored the previous day’s attack as they struck at North Sand Mountain School, employing a similar mode of operation. Inside the school, the suspect wrought havoc, causing extensive destruction totaling around $10,000. Broken television sets, computer equipment, and shattered trophies were among the casualties.

The suspect returned to Bryant Elementary School again, defacing the premises with graffiti.

But the destruction was halted on August 19, 2023, as the juvenile suspect attempted another assault on North Sand Mountain School. The response by the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office resulted in the apprehension of the suspect before they could cause any further harm to the school.

The individual, remains unnamed due to their status as a minor.

The collaborative efforts of the Jackson County Schools and law enforcement ensured the safety and security of the schools, their students, and the wider community.