High-Speed Chase Ends in Arrest Near Marion County


Late in the evening of February 26, around 11:00 PM, a Dade County Deputy encountered a speeding vehicle on Interstate 24, heading towards Marion County. Upon activating the lights and siren on the patrol unit, the vehicle accelerated to a reported speed of 120-125 MPH.

The pursuit continued westbound on Interstate 24, with the vehicle attempting to exit at the Haletown off-ramp. However, it collided with the guardrail at the end of the ramp, resulting in significant damage and the deployment of airbags.

The driver promptly abandoned the vehicle and fled across the interstate into nearby woods, leaving behind a firearm and extended magazine (clip) on the driver’s floorboard. Another Dade County Deputy arrived at the scene and utilized the Sheriff Office’s new drone to aid in locating the fleeing suspect.

Following an air search lasting approximately 15-20 minutes, employing thermal imaging technology, law enforcement located the suspect attempting to swim across a body of water. The apprehension was made without any further incident.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the suspect, identified as Jeremiah Johnson of Ringgold, GA, had active warrants issued by Hamilton County, TN, for Aggravated Assault, and by Catoosa County, GA, for Drug Trafficking.

Johnson was taken into custody by a joint effort involving Troopers, Deputies, and officers from various law enforcement agencies. He is expected to face additional charges related to the firearm possession and fleeing, in addition to charges from Dade County.

Authorities expressed gratitude to the Marion County Sheriffs Office, Tennessee Highway Patrol, and Chattanooga PD for their cooperation and assistance throughout the operation.

The images below depict scenes from the drone unit’s operation and the successful apprehension of the suspect.