GBI Releases Name of Woman Whose Remains Were Dumped in Dade 39 Years Ago


At a press conference held earlier today, GBI Assistant Special Agent Joe Montgomery announced the identification of the woman whose remains were found in Dade County 39 years ago.

Patricia Parker was 30 years old when her life ended, Montgomery said, which would have made her 69 today. Montgomery credited the media and their sharing of the facial reconstruction on March 19 of last year. Montgomery said they received numerous calls which led to taking DNA from the victim’s son who still lives in Chattanooga.The DNA sample was sent to the FBI lab where the remains were identified as Parker’s.

Parker’s family, according to Montgomery, has been notified of the positive result, but did not want to appear at the press conference as they are still processing everything.

A rendering was started after Montgomery met with Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross right after he took office to go over Sheriff Office’s cold case files. The unidentified remains of a woman dumped in the Hooker area of Dade County was on the list.

In November of 2018 information was received about the confession of serial killer Samuel Little to the murder of a woman in Chattanooga in 1981. The case of the unidentified woman in Dade matched up with Little’s confession and was taken over by the Hamilton County DA’s Office Cold Case Unit.

Another rendering has been done of a woman whose body was found in Rising Fawn along I-59 in 1988. This woman is still unidentified and the circumstances surrounding her death are unknown. 

News Channel 12’s video coverage of the press conference can be found at the following link: