On Thursday, March 16th, Georgia Labor Commissioner Bruce Thompson reported that all Georgia Regional Commissions recorded a rise in the unemployment rate in January.

“Despite a nationwide pandemic and challenging economic times, continued investments in Georgia’s labor force and thriving business community have kept our economy strong. As labor commissioner, it is my number one priority to help more Georgians get back to work and fill the jobs that our businesses need,” said Thompson.

Dade County reports 8,021 in the work force, 7,782 currently working, and 239 unemployed. Unemployment in Dade is currently 3.0%, which is an uptick of .5% since the last report. In Dade’s Industrial Park, job openings are aplenty!

Walker County reports 31,512 in the work force, with 30,400 currently working, leaving 1,112 unemployed. Their unemployment sits at 3.5%.

Catoosa County has reported in the work force 33,702. 32,680 are currently employed which leaves 1,022 unemployed, a rate of 3.0%.