With the upcoming emergency weather situation, Dade County Emergency Management Director Alex Case posted an update explaining what government crews are doing in preparation for the weather event, as well as how citizens should prepare;

The following is a press release from Carey Fauscett-Anderson; Deputy Clerk, Public Information & Relations of Dade County-

As many of you know we are expecting below freezing temps for an extended period of time between Thursday and Sunday of this week. This could mean frozen water pipes and when partnered with precipitation and wind gusts it could also mean power outages.  In preparation for this weather event, EMA Director Alex Case and his team have been keeping up with forecasts and conferring with the National Weather Service (NWS).

Here’s what we are doing to help keep people informed:

  • We have updated our website with the most current information. (We will continue to update as we receive new info.)
  • Posted the website link to our social media pages for Dade County EMA and Dade County, Georgia. (please feel free to share.)
  • EMA Director Case will hold a FB Live Update, at 6:15 this evening,  discussing the outlook and ways to prepare.
  • There will also be a similar FB Live Update tomorrow at 1:00 pm (after our noon conference with the NWS).

Below is the link to our Weather Update Page on the Dade County Website.  Please feel free to check out the info and share it with your family, friends and neighbors.