Dade Superior Court Warns Citizens Regarding Jury Summons Scam


The Dade County Superior Court has released a statement regarding a scam currently going around to numerous citizens.

“The public should be aware of a scam that is occurring in our county.

The Superior Court Clerk’s office has received reports from citizens that had received calls stating, “This is Det. Davenport or Det. Kyle from the Superior Court Clerk’s office and you were sent a jury summons and did not report for jury duty Monday.”

The callers are telling our citizens to go to the Dollar General Store on Amnicola Highway in Chattanooga, TN to purchase a pre-paid Visa card in the amount of $500.00 and if they do not pay that a Process Server and the Sheriff will come to their home.

No one affiliated with the Dade County Superior Court Clerk’s office would contact our citizens this way saying they missed jury duty and owe a fine.

Our automatic telephonic messaging system provides notices to jurors concerning status of cases and appearances. If you are asked to call the office, the telephone number will be the main Dade County Superior Court Clerk’s office number 706-657-4778.

Please do not fall for this scam.

If anyone has any questions concerning jury duty please contact Kathy Page, Clerk of Superior & Juvenile Court at 706-657-4778.”